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The Steve Reid Foundation supports other charitable organisations that carry out incredible work and show dedication to helping musicians in crisis.

In November 2012, we raised and donated a total of USD$1,878 to the Jazz Foundation of America to provide emergency relief to musicians affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The monies went towards rent payments for musicians who lost work and fell behind due to the storm, or whose houses and/or studios were flooded. The Jazz Foundation of America will also be creating work for musicians affected by the storm through their Jazz in the Schools programme, to help them supplement their income and cover their monthly expenses. Additionally, they are helping to replace instruments and equipment destroyed in the storm.

When Gilles Peterson ran the London Marathon in April 2011, his epic challenge raised a whopping £7,000 which went directly to the Musicians Benevolent Fund, a music charity in the UK providing support for aspiring, professional and elderly musicians.

The Foundation also provides grants to individuals working in music who are in need of financial support because they are suffering from illness that impedes their ability to work and earn. In 2013 the Foundation raised £4,000 for American jazz saxophonist Arthur Blythe, who underwent a serious kidney operation, which affected his ability to walk and swallow foods. He is also struggling with Parkinson’s disease.

The Foundation is also collaborating with other organisations to set up a grant as a means to advance education and development for emerging young talent demonstrating music excellence .