The Steve Reid Foundation collaborates with and supports other like-minded organisations whose activities help us to fulfil our own charitable purpose. These include:

Jazz Foundation of America

The Jazz Foundation of America is the first and only national organisation in the USA dedicated to saving the homes and lives of elderly jazz and blues musicians in crisis. They support over 5,000 people a year, including hundreds of New Orleans musicians and their families still coping with the effects of Hurricane Katrina, as well as the musicians badly affected by the more recent Hurricane Sandy in New York. 

They assist musicians by providing emergency funds and instruments, helping with rent and mortgage payments, and free or low-cost medical care.

Musicians Benevolent Fund

The Musicians Benevolent Fund  is a music charity in the UK providing support for aspiring, professional and elderly musicians. 

They help musicians who play, sing or create all styles of music – from blues to Baroque, country to classical, folk to funk.Their support is tailored to each person, with financial assistance based on an assessment of needs. 

They support… 

• Musicians at the start of their careers who need  support as they join the profession 

• Musicians who hit a crisis, such as an illness or accident, during their working lives 

• Musicians who are thinking about retirement, as well as those later on in their lives