The Foundation is very fortunate to receive the kind support of several influential figures in the music industry worldwide, who all share the same vision and values - of helping musicians in need and in forging a future in music exemplifying collaboration, excellence and innovation. We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our special patrons who have shown us so much love and generosity.  



"Such a pleasure to help the foundation. Thanks to Gilles for all these years of devotion and dedication to music. Let's keep on fighting for a better world. Tonnes of love."


"It’s often the case that artists and musicians who light the way and break down the doors for future generations are not supported to the level that they should be. It’s vital that we remember to support musicians who laid the foundation for the path we walk today, and in doing so celebrate the incredible music they make. Respect to the Steve Reid Foundation."

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"We've seen so many talented, sometimes very talented artists struggling, money-wise and structure-wise. Finding your way in the industry is sometimes too much for artists who basically just want to make music.  The Steve Reid Foundation helps such artists; therefore I support the Foundation - to help with putting out the music through any channel possible, to help them find their way in that world and spread their wings."