The Steve Reid Foundation is headed by a Board of Trustees that steers and administers the charitable objectives of the foundation. 

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Four Tet

The Steve Reid Foundation is going to be here to help musicians in need and I'm proud to be supporting it. I always find it heartbreaking when I hear about a musician I admire and respect struggling in the world, especially with getting good health care, so we are working on something here to try and help with that." -Kieran

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Theo Parrish

"The creators of music rarely have controlled the impact, finances and future of the music that they make. Many don't understand the most fundamental elements of what's at work, and or don't have access to the basics. Sometimes this is learned along the way more often after it's too late. Mistakes made early in an artists' career can have effects for a lifetime. This makes the nature of a foundation dedicated to making artists aware of what's at stake and how it gets protected, before they get sick, before they need handouts, before the value of what they've done musically has been misused, very necessary and rarely seen. Glad to assist with a Foundation that actually supports what it says it does".  -Theo


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Floating Points

"Many artists and those who work in music related businesses don't have the benefit of assured health care, and the SRF aims to help people where illness precludes active involvement with music. As a musician associated with the SRF, I hope that i can help raise awareness of this cause, and that this may further the well being and creativity of artists." - Sam




"Having worked closely with Steve between 2005 and his death in 2010 I got to know him personally and professionally. Often witness to his warm, generous spirit and to his wonderful drumming and work as a musician. The Foundation seems like a perfect way to keep that spirit alive, remember the man and his work, continue to share that work with others whilst educating and supporting musicians to prevent them from suffering un-necessarily like Steve did. 

Music plays an invaluable part in many peoples lives so it’s an honour to be a part of something that can contribute to ensuring musicians continue to produce that music. And all in the name of a great friend and musician."  - Tom




"The reason i'm happy to be involved in the SRF is that I like the idea of contributing to a cause that I believe in and can get excited about without any reservations due to the fact that those already involved also have heartfelt sincere intentions for it. Be it to help struggling old jazzers who have devoted their lives to their art, or new emerging talent in need of a break, I think that any artist who's done anything worthwhile, has been through some hard times. These are the people we should help. 

I'd like to see us supporting these people worldwide, but I'd also like to see how possible it is to educate present and future artists about their long term health, as well as any other information about the industry in general that you need to survive it better without as much pain or confusion, stuff that nobody ever tells you properly. A simple body of knowledge archived in one common source.

Looking forward it!"  - Nick


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Charlie Dark

"As musicians we spend most of our time buried within the music rarely looking beyond the sound coming out of the speaker to think about what happens when the notes no longer ring how we would like. When the beat drops we nod our heads automatically and the crowd reacts accordingly but who takes care of us when the head no longer rocks in time. The Foundation is a welcome intervention into the consciousness of both the music maker and the listener and hopes to go some way in providing both help, support and resources for those in need. As a man who has experienced both the highs and lows of the music industry, I welcome such an organisation and look forward to giving it my full support." - Charlie